A very simple to use Hotel Management System.
To make you focus on the important things of your day.

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Hotel Management System

All the Tools You Need to Manage Your Hotels

Tridoo.NET is a hotel management system that works for different types of accommodation: hotel, motels, hostels or Bed and Breakfasts. It targets small businesses that need an affordable tool to help their daily business and focus on the import things of the day.

We strive to have a simple and user-friendly hotel management system that covers all your needs for a small cost, starting from only CHF 15/month.

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Booking Engine

Direct Bookings from Your Website

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This is a subset of the features as of today. If you are missing a feature send a feature request our support and we will consider implementing.

Booking Management

Calendar Overview In Development
Modify and cancel bookings
Notifications on new bookings
Reuse guest details
Integration into custom website In Development
Automated guest feedback

Rooms and Rates

Create multiple room types
Multiple units per room type In Development
Create extras In Development
Manage rates on daily basis

Guest Communication

Customized email templates
E-Mail Scheduler to send customized templates
Automated emails (request recieved, confirmation etc.)
Multilingual templates In Development

Third Party Integrations

iCal Calendar Export
iCal Calendar Import In Development
Channel Manager (Octorate) In Development

Payment Processing and Invoicing

Connection to online Payment Gateway [Stripe] In Development
Accept payment prior arrival In Development
Create invoice and receipts

Service and Support

Free support by email
Free support by live chat

„The Easy Way to Manage...”

Planned Pricing

We have a simple pricing strategy. There are not hidden costs, no startup fees and there is no commission on a booking. With both pricing models you have full access to all features as of today.



With this subscription you can have a maximum of 15 rooms!

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With this subscription you can have a maximum of 30 rooms!

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If these pricing models do not satisfy your needs please contact our Support.

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